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Mannequin Head commonly for the barber shop, fashion show, wigs school, wigs personal maker etc, is an indispensable props.

years of experiences in wigs let us deeply familiar what the hair products is superior quality, in order to meet the mannequin head needs of WCA clients, we choose a friend factory to cooperate that provide customers with quality Mannequin head.

mannequin head  china supplierschool mannequin head


1: for creating your exclusive products, hundreds of models to meet the needs of the industry, has superb technical research and development team, here offering professional mannequin head service.

2: cost effective, combined with traditional manual and modern production technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, so that customers enjoy the greateast concessions.

3: quality stability, using latest production technology, material strict ratio, to ensure the stability of the material, product appearance unified.

4: professional after-sales service personnel for you to solve all the trouble, superior quality.