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Magentic False Eyelashes
  • Magentic False Eyelashes
  • Magentic False Eyelashes
  • Magentic False Eyelashes
  • Magentic False Eyelashes

Magentic False Eyelashes

  • Model: WC17101517ML

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faux mink


J, B, C, D


7mm to 15mm


0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm
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Magentic False Eyelashes Description:

Magentic Series Lashes Wears Without Glue, Health Fiber Silk Material, Pure Manual, Environmental Packaging, Eyelash Eliminates The Frequent Use Of Glue, As Long As A Gentle Suction Can Be Worn To Complete, Can Prolong The Life Of Eyelashes

Use steps
STEP1: Confirm the top and bottom position of two false lashes
The red dot labeled "lower part of the false eyelashes" is placed below, and there are black dots labeled "top of false lashes" placed above.
STEP2: Sticky false eyelashes
The left hand take "false eyelashes bottom" placed under the eyelash, fixed a good position after the eyes closed, with the right hand to clip up.
STEP3: Take off the false eyelashes
Squeeze two pieces of false eyelashes in the opposite direction can be separated, never hard to pull.
"Magnetic false eyelashes" are attached to the magnet, as long as the two pieces of false eyelashes to "sandwich the way" put your real eyelashes in the middle, you can easily have beautiful eyelashes.
All the length and curls can be customize,

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