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Lace wigs, that's the hair hook on the lace net, the net which is the kind of thin, evenly distributed some very small net, lace wigs common is the Swiss lace net and French lace net, usually it is a stretch net in the top of the head position to adapt the different types of head can be applied, and basically are real hair made of lace wig.

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Lace wigs we professional on full lace wigs and front lace wigs

What is wigs lace?

This lace is is thinner which is wigs wholly exclusive, the uniform distribution of some very fine mesh, commonly Lace Material Made by spandex, the Swiss lace and French lace in common use, such spandex lace with excellent elasticity, non-aging, therefore, also known as elastic fiber, has been a lot of applications in the hair industry.


Our Lace Of Wigs Features:

1: good stretching, keep appearance and shape retention and not wrinkle;

2: handfeeling soft&smooth, soft, smooth, good flexible, comfortable wearing, considerate fit;

3: acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance;

4: with good dyeing, and color not fade.

Commonly there elastic net in the top, in order to adapt to the different type can be applied. 

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