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What is lace closure

The Common Term Called: Ladies Hairpiece, Lace Closure, Top Lace Closure, Hair Accessory, Lace Frontal Closure And So On, Different Person Call Different Name, Buyer Habitual Purchase With Hair weave Together, It Will More Fuller Natural Looking And Invisible Track, All Hairs Tied Into Lace By Worker Hand, Valuable High Living Technology For Every Worker. Lace Closure Is A Wisdom Replacement In Which To Reach The Perfection Effect In The Top Of Head, A Small Portion Of The Wigs To Meet Thicker Hair Demand And Traceless Hairline, Absolutely Indiscernible And Unblemished In The Top Of Head, Top Lace Closure Is Amazing For Women Who Is Confronted With Flimsy Hair And Hope To Fill The Top Hairline According To The Different Base Lace And Handmade, Divided Into Silk Lace Closure And Lace Closure.

Closure Hair Is Small Hair Accessory Base Size: 4" by 4", 4" by 3.5", And 4" by 4". 

Skin Part You Can Choose Free Part, Middle Part, Left Part, Right Part, And Three Part.


Why choose our lace closure

Our lace closure is not hulking, they are exquisite, do not in disorder, no messy, we are factory direct sale who hand tied and custom built every model specifications, several hundred professional workers work day and night to ensure to achieve the best lace closure, this is the first principle to make our products different with anothers, we usually keep  4×4 in stock, a decent square lace cap be designed, our every lace closure designed is humanized and fine.

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