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Widely used in Beauty shop or personal use, False eyelashes are used to beautify the eyes of the artificial eyelashes, generally through the eyelashes lengthened, thickening to effect eyes look bigger, brighter and fuller, more piercing. False eyelashes have a long history, as early as the 2000 BC in ancient Egypt and ancient Roman literature can find false eyelashes records, has advantage on superior quality silk eyelash extensions products, considering long term business partnership with clients, we saving cost to offer reasonable price, All prices are ex-factory price.


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1: Selection of quality, high-grade high-quality materials, selected mink, synthetic fiber, human Hair according the the clients requested.
2: Rigorous process, rich experiences workers, Strictly selection After multi-channel production.
3: Multiple selection, a variety of lengths that can be chosen according to personal preferences
4: Full of charm, thick and slender
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