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What Is The Real Definition Of Cuticle Hair Extensions?

Cuticle Hair Is Terminology High - End Products, Only A Few People Recognize Its Valuable, Mainly Used By The Customer Who Just Focus On Superior Quality Wishing Hair Be Long Life Time And Natural Looking Without Special Gloss And False Sense Of Hair Texture.



Cuticle Hair Extensions Unique Advantages:

1: Intact Cuticle, Hand Picked Healthy Single Donor Human Hair From Temple, Raw Material Hair Be Cut From Girl Hair Donation, material By Painstaking Collection Traveled Around The World To Ensure Hair Source Quality.

2: Years Dedicated To Herbal Dyeing Technology, Experienced Technician Belong Us, Non-Damaging Herb Dyes Tech We Exclusive Development.

3: Real Sense It's Another Different Quality That Can't Be Given.

4: Long Last More Than 1 Year With Proper Care 


What Kinds Of Hair Extensions Can Be Keep Cuticle?

In General We Mentioned The Cutile Which Mostly Refers To The Hair Extensions, Which Kinds Of Hair Extensions Can Be Keep Cuticle? Here Show You All Clear:


- Hair Bulk.

Commonly Used For Rich Experienced Salon, Experienced Hair Stylist Team That Familiar With The Various Operations In Hair Extensions Industry; Some Of Hair Wigs Private Maker Also Has Demand On Hair Bulk, Make Preparations On Wigs.

- Keratin Hair Extensions.

- Machine Hair Weave

- Tape In Hair Extensions 

- Clip In Hair Extensions, Skin Hair, Hand Tied Hair, Feather Human Hair, 6D Hair And So On.

Cuticle Hair Extensions Material:

Note: All Mentioned Here Are Human Hair, For Cuticle Hair We Only Selected Superior Chinese Hair And European Hair, The Quality Of Hair Is Related To The Raw Hair Materials, After Many Years Of Practice, Now We Exclusive Use Chinese Hair And European Hair, European Hair Natural Brown When Non Processing, Chinese Hair With Stronger But Popular.



What Is Cuticle Hair?

The Hair Epidermal Layer Is Composed Of Multilayer Transparent Scales, It's Called Hair Cuticle Which Protects The Cortex From Harsh Outside Environment, Sometimes We Feel That Our Hair Is Slippery, Dry And Shiny, You Should Be Aware Of That Hair Cuticle Are Damaged. Hair Cuticle Will Open At High Temperature Or Chemical Substance, In Order To Prevent Any Dirt In The Cortex, We Suggest Shampoo With Warm Water To Wash Thoroughly.