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In the present society seems every human being is a fashion person, many internet celebrity who wearing stylish in the video teach people how to make up, It sounded incredible in common and absolutely refreshing, Every industry is following the trend, the wig industry is not outside the class, in 2016, new fashion product  has been developed, we called it: 360 lace frontal.


360 Lace Frontal History

Why comes forth in 2016? The keywords "360 lace frontal" in a short period of a few months the search amount can reach so high, In general, all are caused by consumer's demand, originally we all know the hairpiece which is lace frontal 13x4 size and lace closure 4x4 lace size. these two products are new darlings in the hair industry. but the constant desire of consumers and continuous innovation in the factory, the experienced senior research and development this 360 Lace Frontal  to meet the customer who need higher requirements basic on the ordinary hairpiece for female.


What is 360 lace frontal?

The 360 degree lace frontal is flawless design in the all hairpiece products, the hair be tied strand by strand around in 360 degree Lace to let hair and lace be consummate combination, the needle knot method is same with the full lace wig


360 Lace Frontal Two Knotting Method.

1: single bleached knot

Just knot long hair one time to keep short here, commonly the knotting in the frontal, Single dysprosium is generally used in front part of the invisible hair, its root fidelity.

2: Bouble Hidden Bleached knot

Put the hair knot again to cover Before The hook is finished 


How can I learn needle knot 360 lace frontal ?

It is specialty Technology work, find professional person who have professional experience to teach you, or let hair factory Trains you, if you know how to knot full lace wigs or frontal lace wigs, it is same knot way with these.


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